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Name Meaning
"Claudia" Claudia is the feminine version of Claude. The name comes from an old Roman family name Clausius meaning "lame".
  • An Actress, who is known for the movie "Kyaa Kool Ha".
  • clau-di-a
  • klaw-dee-uh
  • k-l-AW-d-ee-uh
  • Clau-dia
  • cloudia
IPA Notation
  • Claudia Syllable count: There are 3 syllables in the name Claudia
  • Divide Claudia into syllables: Clau-di-a
  • Stressed syllable in Claudia: Clau-di-a
  • Claudia introduced the men, reading from printed biographies.
  • District Judge Claudia Wilken dealt a major blow Friday afternoon to the NCAA and its long-held value of amateurism, ruling in an antitrust case that the association's policies banning athletes from profiting from their own names, images and likenesses “unreasonably restrain trade
  • Claudia called for order as Fred's friends chatted with a pair of women in the last row, no doubt bringing the new arrivals up to speed.
  • English gymnasts Claudia Fragapane and Max Whitlock both won Commonwealth gold in the individual all-around events
  • Claudia Fragapane wins fourth gold medal of Commonwealth Games for ...

Claudia Overview and Analysis

The popularity and usage trend of the name Claudia Over Time
Popularity and Usage Trend of the Name Claudia Over Time

Claudia Gender statistics

The name Claudia is typically used for Girls. Its a Feminine name with clear gender identification.

Popularity of the name Claudia

The name Claudia is classified as Unique and ranked at the 561th most popular name in the Namedary database.

Country-Specific Popularity and Ranking of the Name Emma
Country In-Country Rank Population Share
Australia 383 0.05%
United Kingdom 521 0.03%
United States 558 0.04%
New Zealand 649 0.03%
Canada 975 0.01%
Country-Specific Prevalence of the Name Claudia
Country-Specific Prevalence of the Name Claudia

Where to find Claudia?

The name Claudia is predominantly found in Australia (AU), particularly in the state of New South Wales (NWS), where it constitutes 0.06% of the total population.

Claudia Usage Trend Over Time

In recent years, the trend of using the name Claudia has been Decreasing gradually. The name Claudia was most used in 1952 with a usage rate of 2.57%. It was least used in 1910 with a usage rate of 0.08%.

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Origin and History of the name Claudia

A classic name with a hint of ancient Roman splendor that has never been truly in or truly out, Claudia still feels like a strong, modern choice — one of our "sweet spot" names.

Claudia was a common girls’ name in ancient Rome, borne by the wives of both Nero and Pontius Pilate. The name is mentioned in the New Testament in one of St. Paul's letters to Timothy as one of the Christian women in Rome. As a result, it was taken up in the sixteenth century and has been in moderate use ever since.

There was a popular mid-century series of novels by Rose Franken, beginning with Claudia: The Story of a Marriage. The name was also used by Agatha Christie and Penelope Lively, as well as being a main character in Anne Rice's Interview With the Vampire. Model Claudia Schiffer gave it an infusion of glamour, as had earlier Italian actress Claudia Cardinale. Michelle Pfeiffer has a daughter named Claudia.

While some parents may be put off by the common "lame" meaning, some etymologists theorize that the name may relate to the word for enclosure or clause, an alternate meaning that may appeal to a child with a form of this otherwise appealing name.

Claudia in Chinese

(PinYin) : kè Luò dí yà

Claudia in Numerology

Claudia: Name to Numerology Conversion

Applying the rules of numerology (Pythagorean numerology):

Famous people named Claudia

Conclusions about the name Claudia

Should you named your daughter Claudia?

According to the gender statistics, the name Claudia is strongly associated with girls. This is because the name Claudia is most commonly given to girls. As a result, people will generally assume that a baby named Claudia is a girl.

Claudia is a gender-appropriate name for a daughter. However, it is not a gender-appropriate name for a son.

Is Claudia a good name?

Venturing into the realm of three-syllable names, The name Claudia stands out with its unique beauty. While less common than one- or two-syllable names, these names exude elegance and sophistication, making them a perfect choice for parents seeking a name that truly stands apart.

What are the Pros and Cons of the name Claudia?

Pros of the name Claudia:

Cons of the name Claudia:

Ultimately, the decision of whether or not to name your child Claudia is a personal one. There is no right or wrong answer. Consider all of the factors listed above, and make the decision that you and your partner feel is best for your child.