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Welcome to the captivating realm of 3 Syllable names, where elegance, sophistication, and a touch of grandeur intertwine. This comprehensive collection of over 55,654 names is designed to guide you on a journey of discovery as you seek the perfect name for your child.

Three Syllable names, often considered timeless and distinguished, possess an undeniable allure. Their rhythmic cadence adds a touch of musicality to any spoken name, while their inherent depth lends a sense of gravitas and poise. Whether you're drawn to the grandeur of names like "Alexander" or "Sophia", or you prefer the softer elegance of "Theodore" or "Amelia", our vast collection offers a diverse array of options to suit your taste and preferences.

As you delve into this extensive list, you'll uncover a treasure trove of names that have graced the lives of historical figures, literary characters, and countless individuals throughout history. Each name carries its own unique history, meaning, and cultural significance, adding a layer of richness and depth to your child's identity.

Whether you're seeking a name that embodies strength and leadership, like "Theodore" or "Amelia", or you're drawn to the gentle grace of names like "Michael" or "Layla", our collection offers a name to match every personality and preference.

As you navigate through this vast array of 3 Syllable names, let your imagination soar and trust your instincts. Consider the sound, the meaning, and the overall feel of each name as you envision it gracing your child's life. Remember, the perfect name is not just a label; it's a reflection of your child's unique spirit and a symbol of your love and hopes for their future.

Embrace the beauty of 3 Syllable names and embark on a journey of discovery with this comprehensive collection. We hope you find the perfect name that captures your child's essence and fills your heart with joy. Remember, as you explore this extensive list, ensure that the names you choose have only three syllables to maintain consistency and accuracy in the introduction.

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From the Greek margarites, meaning "pearl".
An English form of the Greek Dorothea, from deron meaning "gift" and theos, meaning "God".
The word is originally from the Latin lilium.
English name which is originally from the Greek name Aikaterine, either from the Greek Hekateros meaning "each of the two", from the name of the goddess Hekate, meaning "far off" or more likely from katharos, meaning "pure".
From an English surname which comes from the French name Aveline, originally from the Latin avis, meaning "bird".
From the Greek eirene, meaning "peace".
From the Ancient Greek barbarus, meaning "foreign woman".
Female form of Joseph, which is from the Hebrew Yosef meaning "God will give" via the Greek Iosephos and the Latin Iosephus.
Feminine form of Patrick, from the Latin patricius, meaning "nobleman" or "patrician".
A variation of Margery, a mediaeval form of Margaret, from the Greek margarites, "pearl".
Italian and French form of Beatrix, which is from the Latin viatrix, meaning "voyager" and beatus meaning "blessed".
Italian and Spanish form of Helen, which is from the Greek Helene meaning "torch" or "light" or selene, meaning "moon".
From the Roman family name Marius, which probably is related to Mars, which may be derived from mas, "male, masculine".
From the French name Alienor, which could either be a form of Helen, from the Greek Helene meaning "light" or selene, meaning "moon".
From the Latin name Caecilia, a female form of Caecilius, which is from the Latin caecus, meaning "blind".
An English form of Maria, the Latin form of Mariam or Miriam, from New Testament Greek, possibly, meaning "rebellious", but probably going even further back to Ancient Egyptian origins mr, meaning "love" or my, "beloved".
To protect.
The reaper of the harvest. From Greek word theros means "late summer".
From the Latin Aemilia meaning "strive" and the old German amal, meaning "to work".
From the Spanish word, meaning "pain" or "sorrow".