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Wallace name Meaning and Dictionary

Name Meaning
"Wallace" Variation of Wallace, originally from the Old French waleis, meaning "foreign, Celtic".
  • English naturalist who formulated a concept of evolution that resembled Charles Darwins (1823-1913)
  • English writer noted for his crime novels (1875-1932)
  • WAA-LahS
  • wol-is
  • w-AW-l-uh-s
  • wal-lace
  • Wal-lace
IPA Notation
  • Wallace Syllable count: There are 2 syllables in the name Wallace
  • Divide Wallace into syllables: Wal-lace
  • Stressed syllable in Wallace: Wal-lace
  • Tyrone Wallace: Waived by Hawks
  • Fox's Chris Wallace calls out Trump for the 'most sustained assault on freedom of the press' in US history
  • Chris Wallace: Misdeeds found by DOJ watchdog Horowitz were 'shocking,' Comey has a lot to explain
  • Trump Is Behind 'Most Direct Sustained Assault' on Media Freedom Says Fox News Host Chris Wallace
  • Feinstein Institute Researcher, North Shore-LIJ Leukemia Expert Receives 2014 Wallace H. Coulter Award for Lifetime ...

Wallace Overview and Analysis

The popularity and usage trend of the name Wallace Over Time
Popularity and Usage Trend of the Name Wallace Over Time

Wallace Gender statistics

The name Wallace is typically used for Boys. Its a Masculine name with clear gender identification.

Popularity of the name Wallace

The name Wallace is classified as Unique and ranked at the 824th most popular name in the Namedary database.

Country-Specific Popularity and Ranking of the Name Emma
Country In-Country Rank Population Share
New Zealand 772 0.02%
United States 781 0.02%
Canada 2,292 0.003%
Australia 3,603 0%
United Kingdom 4,676 0.001%
Country-Specific Prevalence of the Name Wallace
Country-Specific Prevalence of the Name Wallace

Where to find Wallace?

The name Wallace is predominantly found in United States (US), particularly in the state of New York (NY), where it constitutes 0.02% of the total population.

Wallace Usage Trend Over Time

In recent years, the trend of using the name Wallace has been Increasing gradually. The name Wallace was most used in 1923 with a usage rate of 3.71%. It was least used in 1901 with a usage rate of 0.01%.

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Origin and History of the name Wallace

From a Scottish and English surname that was derived from Norman French waleis meaning "foreigner, Celt, Welshman" (of Germanic origin).

It was first used as a given name in honour of Sir William Wallace, a Scottish hero who led the fight against the English in the 13th century.

Emotion and Symbolism of the Name Wallace

Wallace Emotional Perception

Wallace is mature and strong. It is a serious and formal baby name.

Symbolic Meaning of Wallace

Wallace means “foreigner” or “stranger” in Scotland because of the French background of the name after the Norman invasion. When Scottish and Welsh families began to move to England, the name translated to “Welshman” and “Celt.”

Wallace in Chinese

(PinYin) : wǎ lì yà sāi

Wallace in Numerology

Wallace: Name to Numerology Conversion

Applying the rules of numerology (Pythagorean numerology):

Conclusions about the name Wallace

Should you named your son Wallace?

According to the gender statistics, the name Wallace is strongly associated with boys. This is because the name Wallace is most commonly given to boys. As a result, people will generally assume that a baby named Wallace is a boy.

Wallace is a gender-appropriate name for a son. However, it is not a gender-appropriate name for a daughter.

Is Wallace a good name?

The name Wallace strike a harmonious balance between being easy to pronounce and possessing a touch of personality. The name Wallace offer a pleasing cadence and a hint of individuality, making them a popular choice for parents.

What are the Pros and Cons of the name Wallace?

Pros of the name Wallace:

Ultimately, the decision of whether or not to name your child Wallace is a personal one. There is no right or wrong answer. Consider all of the factors listed above, and make the decision that you and your partner feel is best for your child.